About Next Level Assistive Technology

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Next Level Assistive Technology. Our corporate office is located in Vancouver, WA. We specialize in technology solutions for those with visual impairments and learning disabilities.

Michael Hooks, president and founder, has over fifteen years of experience teaching and working in the field of blindness and low vision. He is a certified teacher of the visually impaired and holds an advanced degree in Assistive Technology from Northern Illinois University. Michael worked as an assistive technology specialist and teacher at the Washington State School for the Blind for seven years and has been an adjunct instructor in the graduate programs for teachers of the visually impaired at Northern Illinois University and Portland State University.

"I have spent my entire professional career providing services in all phases of education and rehabilitation to the blind and visually impaired. I'm passionate about assistive technology and I am dedicated to helping people reach their goals. I will continue my efforts to help enable those who are visually impaired to function in the world on a level playing field through the use of assistive technology, education, training, and awareness.

Legally blind since birth, I have taken advantage of the monumental advances in assistive technology and incorporated them into my daily life. If you or someone you love is dealing with a visual impairment, I can help."

Michael P. Hooks, M.S. Ed. President - Next Level Assistive Technology

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